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Where does your contribution go?

Donations that the ABMAC Foundation receives are used for funding various activities of the Foundation:

  • Provide funding to maintain the office operation.
  • Develop the fellowship training program to arrange China's medical professionals to come to the U.S. for advanced training.
  • Provide the visiting professorship program to arrange the U.S. visiting professors to demonstrate the U.S. style bedside clinical education in China.
  • Develop the medical student exchange program to arrange the U.S. fourth year medical students to experience China's medical education and also to arrange China's medical students to have exposure of the U.S. clinical clerkship training.
  • Support the public health programs and conferences as requested by the public health authorities in China.

How can I make a donation to the ABMAC Foundation?

The work of the ABMAC Foundation is entirely supported by donations. Please visit and purchase items from the Fundraising Sales. The ABMAC Foundation also accepts monetary donations via check or money order payable to:

    ABMAC Foundation
    3656 Johnson Ave., Suite 2B
    Riverdale, NY 10463

Under US tax law, contributions to the Foundation are tax-deductible.

The Foundation gratefully acknowledges the following donors:

Chihsing Chen
Hua-chin Chen
Tzu-ben Chen
David W.T. Chen
Peng-Sheng & Lan S. Chen
Shu Chien
Randolph Cole
Fred Edinger
Pearl Goldberg
Linda Hsieh
David & Margaret Hsieh
Pauline Wong Hugh
Chang Chen & Amy H.M. Kuo
Robert H.M. Kwok
Po-Shing Lee
Sing-Ping Chueh Liu
Lena Liu
Estate of Martha McCracken Howard
Letty Moss-Salentijn
Richard Pierson
Teh-Chang Shih
Mark Smalec
Chia Chuen Su
Grant T. Tu
Cheng-ching Wang
James Yang
Ming-neng Yeh
Billy Yeh
Glory R.J. Yeh
Susie Ying

ABMAC Alumni (Taiwan)
Julia Garcia
Jene-John Fu
Shu Chien
Chih Hsiu Hung
Sutek Lee
Chien Liu
Lena Liu
Edward Mailman
Carmen Neu
Robert Palmer
Richard Pierson
Hai Shiuh Wang

Fannie L. Chong
David T.C. Chou